Jan 12, 2010

Conwitter - A Twitter client for Google Chrome

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 Conwitter - a Twitter client for Google Chrome comes bundled as a perfect Twitter client.  The Features Include Conversations, Push notifcations, color tagging, read button and many more features. Conwitter is currently released in Alpha but works like a charm. A must try for Chrome users.

View replies as conversations; no longer do you need to click the “in reply-to” button to find out what the tweet is about.
Real-Time Updates (Push Notifications)
Conwitter provides the option to enable the twitter streaming API (beta), which allows tweets to be updated in real time.
Color tagging
Unread tweets, direct messages, replies and your own tweets are identified with different colors. The upcoming version of Conwitter will also introduce a feature to color label and organize your tweets.
Read button
Your tweets will not be marked read upon restarting the browser. You can also have a glance at your tweets and keep them unread for later.
Just the way you want it
You can customize the colors used in the extension. Use any background color for replies, retweets, etc.

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