Jan 12, 2010

TvvitterBug - A Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod Touch

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 Arguably, the makers of this twitter client claim The hottest 2010 Twitter app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Fast - Powerful - yet the simplest and easiest-to-use app you’ve ever touched.  Fully customizable for your views on your tabs for instant access to all your twitterers just the way you want to see them - Instantly, Effortlessly, and of course, FAST!  DETAILS OF THE APP


  1. Customizable views on each of the five tabs.
  2. Dynamic filters for message, senders, and recipients.
  3. Tweet, Reply, or Direct Message from any view.
  4. Up to 200 tweets per view, with “More” and “Previous” paging through all of your tweets.
  5. Automatically returns to your last view when returning to the app
  6. Incredibly fast updates and scrolling.

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