Jan 12, 2010

Twitter Lists Apps/Websites You'll Ever Need

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Twitter has taken a gaint leap with the Lists and Retweet Feature as of now. We had been scooping around all tweets and found of that there are a fair number of apps already which enable twitter users to play with their own lists. Its too early to make such a list since many coders are working on this. But here is a list which will inspire them to have a go at it!

Must Exist.com

Seamlessly convert your lists once Twitter makes the API available. MustExist will build on top of basic lists to provide simple and pleasurable experience of creating, viewing and sharing Twitter lists. Put your list's feed on your site as a widget

Note worthy features: One Click and you can follow all the members of this list. creates a slider and shows the recent tweets of the list members.

With a Tagline - Your Twitter lists. Does exactly that. By far the Best Twitter List managing website. The only problem is that of the Slow loading time of the contact list yeah maybe because we have a large Following list too. You can Click a Twitter list to make it active, then double-click contacts to add them. Since its buit on Oauth you dont have to do any password exchanges.

Create a Twitter List - Fan page

Recently, Twitter rolled out a great new feature on their site – lists. You can now create and compile a list of twitter users and make it easier for others to follow all at once.

Also, at the same time, they expanded their API to include list management functionality. This allows us to use these new tools to create a widget that flips lists the other way around – a fan page you can put in your sidebar, that allows your visitors to fill in their twitter name and join a specially crafted fan list in your twitter account. Check out a Quick Demo of this awesome twitter list powered Fan Page, great work by Tutorialzine.

WordPress Fan Page Plugin Using a Twitter List

Based on the Same Fan page created by Tutorialzine the coders from Geekeemedia.com came up with a Wordpress Plugin / Widget

Mobile Web interface Using Twitter Lists

Twitstat Mobile

Twitstat is the perfect example of how a Twitter List should be incorporated on a mobile. It has ALL the features you can ever think of doing with a Twitter List.


Dabr was one of the first twitter mobile app to incorporate Twitter Lists in them. But they failed to include basic features like follow a list. Delete a list etc. But still worth having a look at. We hope to see more changes in the coming days.

Display Your Twitter Lists on your blog.

Official Twitter List Widget.

Days after Twitter Rolled out the twitter lists. It also created an official Twitter List widget which can be easily embed to blogs. This is the classic way of adding/displaying your twitter lists to your blog. You can easily get and embed code and start playing with it right away.

TweetGrid List Widget

TwitterList2 RSS

Conversation List

If you are way too lazy to make your own twitter list, then you can create a auto updating twitter list. If you’ve @replied someone in the past day, Conversationlist will add them to your "conversationlist" Twitter list. But this person will only stay on that list as long as you keep talking to them. If the next day you don’t @reply them, they’re gone.


A website which shows your twitter rank based on twitter lists listing.

A Twitter List directory you can check out our twitter list on Listorious


Google alerts for Twitter Lists Free Twitter Lists Email Alerts. Get notified whenever your brand / product / company / ... or any keyword appears in Twitter Lists of your choice.

DoesFollow Lists?

Find out Who's following whom on twitter lists. simple Twitter List membership check

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Know any other apps not listed here? Kindly drop a comment and share it with us.

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