Jul 29, 2013

When Bangalore drooled over the Nikon DSLR range - #ThroughTheLens Event

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I usually avoid going to marketing events organised by big companies where their obvious agenda is to sell you products. But this event was all about photography with a learning curve in it. Being a photographer myself, I was directing the show all by myself, predicting what they had to say about each photography technique an Oracle who knew the future :p Then i was taken aback when I got to know about Active D-Lighting in Nikon which was totally alien for an canon fanboi. With hands on session where we got to play around with monster lenses and a bunch of other stuff.

The highlight of the event being Raghu Rai, one of the most inspirational stories in the photography scene in India was present to deliver a guest talk. I was accompanied by couple of other friends who found the event quite a learning experience.
If you've managed to make an canon fanboi to take note of Nikon cameras you've done a good job with the event!
That levels up Canon vs Nikon for me as of now. Only if I had a Nikon dslr to admire the brilliant Active D-lighting, I wouldn't mind switching teams. It was a great event overall, quite informative and not to forge the great ambience at Skyee Lounge, the event couldn't have been better.

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